A Different Kind of Writing Class

Writing 340 for Engineers includes a hands-on consulting project that leverages engineering to solve real-world problems

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Illumin: Cryptography and Communication Security in a Digital Age

Internet security is becoming an increasingly important concern in this digital age, especially as we find ourselves storing an exponential amount of personal and private information online.

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Welcome to the Engineering Writing Program at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Communication is vital to scientific and technological progress–engineers must communicate their findings to other engineers, managers, government and policy experts, and the general public. For this reason, and because communication skills are highly valued in the engineering community, the Engineering Writing Program at the Viterbi School helps both undergraduate and graduate students conceive of communication–both written and oral–as an integral part of work in their fields, and provides them with skills to communicate effectively with the wide range of audiences they will encounter in their professional lives.

If you cannot—in the long run—tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthlessErwin Schrodinger (Nobel Prize winner in Physics)

Student Publications


Viterbi’s award-winning online magazine. Written, edited, and published by Viterbi students, Illumin’s mission is to “illustrate the many ways engineering benefits and impacts daily life.”


Conversations in Ethics

Viterbi Conversations in Ethics is a dialogue between students and practicing engineers and experts in ethics about ethics in engineering.

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