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Writ 340:  Advanced Communication for Engineers
Junior- and senior-level undergraduate students in all engineering disciplines are required to take WRIT 340: Advanced Writing Communication for Engineers as part of their curriculum. In this course, emphasis is placed on writing articles and reports, giving oral presentations, and learning to present data in drawings and graphs. In their final semester project, students undertake a consulting project for a local non-profit organization. Organizations ranging from homeless shelters to elementary schools, churches to youth centers, mental health facilities to environmental advocacy groups have participated in this project-based service learning program. Over the years students have helped reconfigure computer labs, found ways to make buildings accessible to the handicapped, designed playgrounds, and analyzed security and database needs, among many, many other tasks.
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ENGR 501x- Technical Writing and Communication for Graduate Students in Engineering and Science
Technical Writing and Communication for Engineering and Science Graduate Students is designed to help graduate students learn the communication methods that will make their material most effective, and acquire the communication skills necessary to their professions. Lectures, workshops and guest speakers help graduate students master the forms of writing and speaking their academic programs and professional communities require, such as journal articles, dissertations, conference papers and presentations, proposals, reports, and professional conventions.
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ENGR 502x- Writing Skills for Engineering Ph.D. Students
This course is designed to help graduate students in engineering and science with their course-specific writing tasks. Students will meet one-on-one with the instructor to complete at least one journal article, conference paper, proposal, etc., make progress on their dissertation, and/or any other agreed-upon projects. You’ll also learn the standard components of advanced writing tasks, including abstracts, literature reviews, CVs, proposals, critiques, and more.
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ENGR 503x- Oral Communication Skills for Engineering Ph.D. Students
Oral communication skills are vital in the formal and informal tasks of engineering practice. This course is designed to help graduate students with their academic and professional oral presentation skills. Particular attention will be paid to preparation for qualifying exams and conference paper presentations. Use of visual aids will also be covered.
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ENGR 504x- Fellowship Proposal Writing for Engineering Ph.D. Students
Preparation of essays and other materials for research fellowship applications. CR/NC.
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